Natural With Horses

Equine Facilitated Learning

A non-predatory Approach to Social Intelligence,
Leadership and Self-Discovery

The EponaQuest Approach (EFL) provides participants with an opportunity to explore authenticity and self-discovery. We look at Emotional Messaging which reveals the messages behind our emotions and what our bodies are trying to tell us. It’s proven that 90% of all communication is non-verbal and for horses this awareness is second nature. Horses are authentic and intuitive beings. Horses provide a non-biased sounding board for you to get to the core of what’s going on and in turn identify these blocks with an intention to release them. Above all, you will leave with techniques and be equipped with skills that will support you beyond horses. Horses are incredible catalysts, but ultimately you are equipped to continue making changes to progress beyond the field.

Emotional Fitness With EponaQuest

Horse Inspired Wisdom to revolutionise our relationships, careers and communities

Participants are invited into a safe space to communicate with horses in the menage or round pen. Through a series of appropriately tailored activities, participants are able to deepen their awareness of core feelings and body awareness to heighten their emotional and social intelligence skills. Partcipants will leave with practical tools that can be used productively in every day life and challenging situations.


2 hour sessions - £80
(1:1 adults or children over 5 years old)

Approved EponaQuest Weekends

Run throughout the year - £325 per person
Includes manuals & organic vegan lunch.


…The EponaQuest Approach can help you to embrace your authentic self. EFL may help you to understand the root of your fears, identify conditioned patterns and emotional blocks that could be limiting. Participants that have found the Epona Approach useful have included those experiencing challenges with: bereavement, leadership, career, family, personal life, communicating so people listen, developing self-trust, gaining mutual respect, setting healthy boundaries plus much more. EFL can have therapeutic benefits. However, the aim is to support participants to become emotionally fit and hone the other 90% of non-verbal communications skills that are often and unused.


…Experiential Learning for children can help to broaden their awareness of other people and the interacting the world. It's been clinically proven that just being in the vicinity of horses changes our brainwave patterns. Children are guided through a variety of horse activities. They are also encouraged to understand their emotions and the empowering messages behind them to strengthen and develop their emotional fitness. EFL has proven to be particularly useful for children with learning difficulties, autism, ADD and bipolar disorders - all of whom may find it difficult to conventionally and verbally communicate or interact with other people and carry out instructions. Results can include confidence, co-ordination and self-leadership. Children over the age of twelve and teenagers are welcomed. Younger children are by arrangement of private sessions only. All sessions must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian.

Natasha Albeer is an Approved EponaQuest Instructor
Natural With Horses is an Approved EponaQuest Centre