Natural With Horses

Healing With Horses

Horses are amazing healers. They have a wonderful ability to engage with us on an energetic level. They are ‘feeling’ beings. If you would like to give and receive healing from horses, we offer one day courses. We also offer shorter sessions. Equine energy is protective and insightful. It gives us an opportunity to slow down in order to nurture ourselves and the beautiful profound horses that choose to connect with us.

What happens on the day?
Healing with Horses
Certified One Day Course
March – October
- Meditation with the horses
- Native American Smudging Ceremony with you and the horses
- Giving a healing to a horse
- Receiving a healing from the horses
- Tuning into the body rhythms of horses
- Letting go of energy blocks
One Day Course - Investment: £140
Includes Vegan Lunch and refreshments
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Healing With Horses
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