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Do you want to explore the leader in you? Find out how your intentions, breathing and body language offer 90% of your communication and how to direct your relationships in an authentic, clear way.

Horse Whispering is a wonderful way to connect with horses. Whispering uses no words. It’s a natural process and has to be ‘felt’ and embraced at deeper levels from within. Horses respond to human body movements, emotional states and energy. Without physically touching the horse, Natasha can teach you how to engage in a dialogue to work together and connect.

Using gentle yet effective intentions and body movements, Whispering encourages you and the horse to mutually communicate and forge a relationship. By learning to speak the same language, humans are able to communicate and deepen an understanding of respecting boundaries and needs.

Horse Whispering: The Natural Way I
(Beginners - Intermediate)
Two Day Course
- Intro to Horse Whispering
- Direct your energy and learn breathing and positioning techniques
- Round pen exercises
- Whispering at Liberty
- Sage smudging
- Learning how to read the natural body language of horses
- Become a confident leader for yourself and others
- Be a role model for horses and others
Investment: £300
Includes refreshments
Horse Whispering: The Natural Way II
(Intermediate - Advanced)
Two Day Course
Pre-requisite: You must have completed Level I prior to this
- Refined Whispering techniques
- Asking for a variety of gaits/speed
- Complex turns
- Becoming light with your movements and communication
- Advanced breathing techniques
- Sage smudging
- Refined positioning and coordination
- Whispering at Liberty
Investment: £300
Includes refreshments
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