Natural With Horses

Natural With Horses: Behaviour & Communication Approved Five Day Course

Welcome to our most in-depth and comprehensive course to understanding and experiencing the profound wisdom of the horse. Our aim is to support you to develop a variety of skills and techniques.You will be empowered with a range of experiences to get hands on with the horses in their natural environment as we interact as much as possible outdoors. Although we provide a 'toolbox', participants are encouraged to be able to communicate with horses in their own unique. Every relationship is individual and our intuition and body is the basis of accessing our inner skill set to optimum capacity. Horses are incredible teachers and when we relate to them in a natural, congruent way, we can become open to the wonderful insights and subtleties that can be life changing.

Natural With Horses: Behaviour & Communication Comprehensive Approved Five Day Course
The 5 Day Approved Course includes:
- Equine Facilitated Learning: Accessing your body's intelligence and understanding the messages behind your emotions.
   Round pen activities with the horse led wisdom.
- Energy and Healing with Horses: Intuitive therapeutic connection with Horses.
- Horse Whispering: Learning the precise language of Horses.
- Ground Work Exercises: Bonding and Balancing games. Learning positioning and setting healthy boundaries.
- Equine Observation and Body Behavior study: Understanding instinctive Horse Communication in the natural environment.
This course promotes harmonious horse-human relationships. It also incorporates aspects of personal development to support you. Please note that there are no mounted activities on this course. We prioritise One-to-one tuition / Small group sizes.
Investment: £750
Refreshments, Lunch and Materials are provided.
Accommodation options available on request
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